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KNX Building Automation, Smart Home, Audio and Video , Intercom, Security System, CCTV, Access control, Auto Gate and Network Fiber Optic

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Security Systems: We consult, design, install and maintain Intruder Alarms, Closed Circuit TV, Access Control, Fire Warning Systems, Home Automation, Fiber-optic cabling, Micro wave links, and High Voltage Security Fencing.  IT Support WI-FI Hotpot .  We Install throughout the kingdom of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos Myanmar. Supplier wholesale .
KNX Glass Switch for light control, dimmer, curtail, scenario, sound diffusion , master control and more...
Domotica KNX Master Control By iPad and iPhone
Thinknx Smart Home Control and cloud

Sonos Multi-room audio & video System with Voice control

Inim Alarm system italy
Intruder Alarm System with touch panel and Cloud control
IP Video Telephone and PABX
Ip intercom VOIP
ip video Intercom door entry system door bell
Video Door Phone for home and building intercom IP
Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon, first used in the Amazon Echo and  the Amazon Echo Dot. It is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming pod casts, playing audio books. Alexa can also control several smart devices using itself as a home automation system. 
Voice Control Google Home, Alexa & Siri apple

Gewiss Lux Smart Home

Chorus YES! by GEWISS: your home reflects your character, your personality and your style

Seven shapes to make your home YOUNG, ELEGANT and SMART.
Seven different shapes. Just one aim: to satisfy every taste and need. Especially yours.

Smart Home By ABB

Smart home with ABB-free@home®. Making home automation easier than ever.

Thinknx By Domotica

This video will talk about using scenes in a visualisation project, and focus on the difference between a classic KNX scene and a ThinKnx scene.

“Scene” is a combination of pre-configured actions on different KNX actuators that can be launched normally from a push button. A scene can combine multiple functions, such as lights, shutters, HVAC and more. In addition, with ThinKnx scenes you can also include other elements not connected to KNX bus as audio, alarm system, other scenes etc.
Optimized Office Automation.
OTOMO is the smart Bluetooth® comfort and energy savings office automation system form Eelectron.
Wireless & Cloud connected - IoT Ready
With OTOMO you can easily manage the status of lights, shutters, shades and gates in manual mode or according to users presence detection in an environment.

Biometric access control

ZKTeco--ZKBio Access IVS---Access/TA/VMSall-in-one platform


Somfy Tahoma Wireless home automation IOT

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