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Easy humidity/temperature sensors

Flush-mounting temperature adjustment probe with humidity sensor for controlling heating/cooling systems and humidification/dehumidification systems on the BUS. 3-level temperature profile (comfort, pre-comfort, economy). Control algorithms for 2- or 4-way systems: two points (ON/OFF), proportional-integral (PWM), fan coil (3 speeds). Includes: 1 input for a potential free contact (window contact function), 1 input for external temperature NTC sensor (e.g. protection for floor-mounting heating). Equipped with a front LED signalling the operating status and the load status (solenoid valve). To be configured with ETS software or with Easy Controller.
Can be combined with thermostats GW10765H, GW12765H, GW14765H or timed thermostats GW10764H, GW12764H, GW14764H to adjust the temperature in specific areas and for controlling and displaying the probe parameters (the probe does not have a display).
It is equipped with coupling terminal for connection to bus.