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Easy IR movement detectors with twilight sensor

Movement sensor with detection conditioned by the light threshold value set. Adjustable lens. Operating range: 10m.
Vertical bearing angle: 30°. Horizontal bearing angle: 105°. Light threshold value can be adjusted via the front access trimmer.
The cycle time can be set in pre-fixed steps via the Easy controller (10s...5min), and can be modified (± 50%) via the front access trimmer.
Front green LED signals movement detection and command entry.
To be configured with ETS software or with Easy Controller.
Allows you to send timed commands to the movement detector. The entry of commands may be conditioned by the status of the controlled actuator.
The device is able to manage a safety pause of 5 seconds upon the deactivation of the controlled load. For installation indoors.
Equipped with coupling terminal for connection to BUS (with protection lid).