Speed Gates And Facial Recognition

Our range of Pedestrian Speed Gates and entry systems provide a fast, dynamic and secure way to manage your access control. We have a range of solutions from retractable leaf gates to paddle gates, all of which are made with safe transparent tempered glass which is suitable for almost every environment.

There are multiple access options to go alongside our speed gates, such as facial recognition – a touchless access solution. This technology eliminates the need for staff to manage your high traffic areas. Facial recognition can allow quick and easy access through speed gates.

Our speed gates are designed for fast, dynamic access whilst ensuring the highest security. They are hard-wearing and provide a stylish security option for corporate environments.

Facial recognition systems

Our facial recognition technology works in tandem with our speed gate range. This cutting-edge solution offers state-of-the-art visitor and staff management, coupled with an access control solution.

Facial recognition systems can be integrated with existing speed gates and are compatible with most systems. The systems are available as digital tablets in a variety of sizes which are suitable for almost any environment. The high-performance processors with a facial algorithms are ideal for public or private sites.

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