Vimar Arke

Arké lives in your time.

A new way of living household energy. With all the quality expected from Italian-made goods. Designed in the present for the future, Arké is the Vimar solution to today's needs: a simple yet current and long-lasting object that offers a concrete, intelligent contribution to our daily lives, with home automation that simplifies home management while optimizing consumption.

Arké classic, round e metal: placche elettriche per interruttori

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The Arké range is in tip-top shape

The squared silhouettes of Classic and the soft and sinuous shapes of Round have now been supplemented by Fit, the new shape with an ultra slimline profile.

Arké Classic Vimar

Arké Classic

Regular, with sharp corners and a linear profile.

Arké Fit Vimar

Arké Fit

Sophisticated, with unique finishes.

Arké Round Vimar

Arké Round

Curved, with soft corners and a slightly convex form.

Two spirits to complement the style of every space

From simple, timeless white that goes beautifully with any space, to versions in intriguing, carefully selected materials. Arké conveys the great energy of modernity with perfect poise.

Arké British standard: placche elettriche, prese ed interruttori

For a monochrome or two-tone look

Two timeless colours that pair beautifully with any space and enhance style, retaining contemporary charm while offering the utmost freedom in mixing and matching.

Arké metal: placche elettriche, prese ed interruttori

Metal finish

The strong identity of Metal offers original material combinations that express and enhance the style of architectural settings characterised by warm, natural tones.

Connected wiring series

Wireless 1-way switches and socket outlets

Make a traditional system smart: the Vimar View Wireless system is designed to manage lighting in environments, roller shutters or motorised curtains, monitor energy consumption and manage scenarios, with the utmost simplicity using classic 1-way switches, via App or directly by voice.

You can create a connected system, suitable for any architectural context, thanks to the completely matching styling of the digital products and their easy functional expandability. Simply replace traditional 1-way switches in the existing system with new digital devices by Vimar and power them: 2-way switches, roller shutter and curtain actuators, actuators for connected socket outlets, equipped with Bluetooth® and Zigbee® technology.

Design: simple lines, contemporary style.

But, today more than yesterday, we feel the need to be less fickle, and more concrete.
We surround ourselves with simple, current and long-lasting objects, like Arké: designed in the present, for the future.

  • Large proportions.
    Large sized surfaces that underline shapes and materials.
  • Two designs.
    Arké Classic: rigorous and linear. Arké Round: soft and sinuous.
  • Convex buttons.
    A pleasant feeling ergonomic shape, only slightly perceptible to the eye, accompanies the controls. 
  • Finishes and colours.
    Materials selected to last, colours chosen in harmony with contemporary style.


Arké placca elettrica per prese ed interruttori Vimar

Arké appears

Two designs inspired by the principle of simplicity: the cover plates are divested of all superfluous decoration defining a new energy model.

  • Arké Classic: rational shape, linear profile and clean corners.
  • Arké Round: sinuous surface, slightly curved with soft corners.

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Arké: placche elettriche, prese ed interruttori

Arké changes

Two button and control versions: the natural elegance of anthracite grey and the luminous soberness of white. Arké can be dressed in the colours that best suit your home, with no limits to the possible combinations, for an integral or two-tone look.


Arké placche elettriche round
Arké: placche elettriche, prese ed interruttori

Select the materials and colours

Enter the configurator 'Fai il punto'

Functions: intuitive technologies, evolved performance.

A principle that is changing our lifestyles. This is why we choose objects that help us to optimise our time and our energies. Like Arké: reliable and precise, with functions and controls that make our everyday gestures easier.

  • Control functions.
    Lighting, climate, security, entertainment, communication: special devices control and supervise every activity.
  • Axial controls.
    Modern, reliable technology, for buttons that represent a further variant to traditional controls.
  • Backlighting
    The buttons are back-lit by LED and the night&day symbols clearly indicate the functions.
  • Universal dimmers.
    Latest-generation controls to adjust the intensity of LED and low consumption (CFL) lights, to combine savings and comfort.
  • Modular video door entry systems.
    A function that can be included in the electrical system to communicate with the outside world, rapidly and effectively.
Placca elettrica Arké round Vimar

Arké controls

Switch on a light, open a door, lower a shutter: everyday actions that Arké makes more pleasant and immediate. Thanks to the precision of its axial controls; the clarity of the night&day symbols that indicate the various functions, the LED backlighting. Different types of controls for practical management, like the infrared remote control.


Comandi assiali son retroilluminazione Arké Vimar

Arké illuminates

High-efficiency light sources, optimised for different uses: so lighting gets where it needs to be, with no waste. Automatic modular lightsstep markerswarning lights and removable emergency lamps that light up in the event of a black out. Every device uses latest-generation LED specular transparent diffusers. For a truly brilliant performance.


 Luci modulari automatiche, segnapasso, spie luminose e torce d’emergenza Arké Vimar

Arké protects

A precise, silent technology that watches over you and your home, day and night: detectors block and report gas leaks; intrusion alarms warn of any attempt to break in; interlocked sockets protect from accidental contacts, in the bathroom and the kitchen, and anywhere electrical devices are used frequently.


Illuminazione di emergenza Arké Vimar

Arké saves

Top comfort and energy savings: this is possible, with Arké. Universal dimmers adjust the intensity of LED and low consumption (CFL) lights to create the perfect atmosphere. Timer-thermostats and timer-switches are used to automatically or manually set the ideal temperature and other functions, to avoid waste. And the radio-frequency, wireless and battery-free technology allows the system to be extended with no brick work, adding new lighting devices where you need.


Dimmer per regolare l’intensità della luce Arké Vimar

Arké entertains

With music from the radio, your mp3, iPod or iPhone, diversified or the same in every room, to suit how you feel at the time. But also with a wide range of audio, video and USB inputs, allowing you to transmit the extraordinary multimedia performances of your home entertainment system in every room.


Prese con ingresso audio, video e USB Arké Vimar

Arké communicates

Guests are welcomed elegantly by a modern video door entry system. The device lets you see who’s outside the house on its colour display with its touch controls and clear, intuitive graphics.


Citofono vivavoce Arké Vimar
Vimar Chalet Fiat Referenza

The ARKE' series

The Vimar solution to today's needs: Find out who has chosen Vimar products


Home automation: optimised energy, security and simplified management.

We prefer technologies that reduce consumption. Arké, with the By-me home automation systemprevents energy waste and makes it easier, quicker and safer to manage all the rooms in the home. 

  • Control
  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Energy efficiency

Control and comfort

The whole home is centrally controlled thanks to a single touch screen with simple and intuitive interfaces, either locally according to your needs or remotely through the Internet via PCmobile phonesmartphone and latest-generation tabletsManaging lighting and sound systems, handling curtains or roller shutters, adjusting the intensity of various lamps, or creating colourful lighting effects. All this also through pre-set scenarios according to your needs.


Arke Controllo Comfort Componenti Domotici Vimar

Energy saving

Thermostats that adjust the temperature to actual everyday needs; devices that control electrical loads, monitor consumption and display produced energy. Rationally managing all the energy in your home because Arké is also energy awareness.


Arke Efficienza Energetica Controllo


Excellent technology that silently protects people and their home at any time. Various types of intrusion alarms, detectors to report and block any gas leaks or flooding, video door entry systems, and the option to control entry.


Arke Sicurezza By Alarm Vimar

Wireless switches and controls

EnOcean, Bluetooth and ZigBee radio frequency wireless controls make it possible to extend the system to all those areas subjected to architectural restrictions or where masonry work is not an option.

Practicality, freedom of wireless installation and versatility. Suitable for all surfaces (such as wood, glass, masonry, etc.), wireless devices offer the practicality of controls without batteries, thereby respecting the environment while also achieving energy savings.

The series by Vimar feature Philips light bulb controls from the Friends of Hue programme to offer smart lighting control.

Interruttori e comandi senza fili Arké Vimar

Arké multi-module

The Arké series in the multi-module version confirms its international appeal; indeed, it is available for German and French standard, while at the same time accommodating the latest interior design trends.

For installation in boxes with a distance between centres of 71 mm with Classic 2+2, 2+2+2 and 2+2+2+2 module cover plates, with the possibility of either vertical or horizontal installation.

Arké multifinestra 2+2 e 2+2+2
Catalogo Wiring Devices Vimar Bc20016 En Gk2X9Uzv51