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Eikon four-dimensional luxury and technology

Eleganceexcellencevalue: there's no such thing as a single idea of luxury. It is a world of many interpretations that is constantly evolving. And if we're talking about energy, this world is Eikon. Here every idea of luxury finds its ideal expression: technological, chic, sophisticated, essential. Four product lines with different design, dimensions, finishing and functions, but sharing one common denominator: controlling energy superlatively.

Eikon | Interruttori e comandi


The future takes shape. A technological jewel as pure as a diamond, as light as a feather. To transform your everyday gestures into exceptional moments.

  • Love at first touch
  • Sensitive to your presence
  • Preciously transparent


Luxury is unveiled. A celebration of sculptural beauty, exquisite finishing and functional elegance. Transmitting unprecedented charisma and allure to any room.

  • Impercetible in profile 
  • Majestic geometries 
  • Original materials 
Eikon Evo


Natural, prized materials, selected specifically to express an unmistakable textured effect that defines the identity and personality of every environment.

From the essence of Exé, Flat and Vintage are born, two new stylistic lines which propose a comeback to traditional silhouettes and to linear and modern shapes.

Eikon Exe


It's all in the details. A new definition of style where the details take centre stage. To stand out without being over-the-top.

  • Recognisable at a glance 
  • Perfect in two shapes 
  • Eclectic in materials 
Eikon Chrome

Connected wiring series

Wireless 1-way switches and socket outlets

Make a traditional system smart: the Vimar View Wireless system is designed to manage lighting in environments, roller shutters or motorised curtains, monitor energy consumption and manage scenarios, with the utmost simplicity using classic 1-way switches, via App or directly by voice.

You can create a connected system, suitable for any architectural context, thanks to the completely matching styling of the digital products and their easy functional expandability. Simply replace traditional 1-way switches in the existing system with new digital devices by Vimar and power them: 2-way switches, roller shutter and curtain actuators, actuators for connected socket outlets, equipped with Bluetooth® and Zigbee® technology.

Placca elettrica Eikon Vintage in stile retrò Vimar

The EIKON series

By-me home automation system Find out who has chosen Vimar products


EIKON manages energy

Infinite technological expressions

When ultimate aesthetic expression joins forces with avant-garde technical functionalities, the result is absolutely unsurpassable: the four Eikon lines not only embody an apex of contemporary formal elegance, they also personify and express truly advanced technology. Take the performance of the By-me home automation system: intuition and simplicity offering energetic efficiency, maximum control and absolute safety and security. The result? Total comfort, tailor-made for every individual vision of the ideal habitat.


EIKON, spectacular

from any point of view

The technology functions are also superior in visual quality: the 10" multimedia video touch screen communicates what is happening inside and outside your home with high-resolution images with matching, customisable graphics. In addition, the web interface offers remote control via smartphone, PC and tablet. So you always know what is happening even when you are not at home.


Eikon Vimar Spettacolare Vts 01425

EIKON, precise

in its communication too

Technology is also this: a 4.3" touch video door entry unit with a wide screen display that enables total management of all the video door entry and home automation functions. To give a wonderful welcome right from the doorstep.


Eikon Vimar Precisa Vts 01420

EIKON, attentive

to your home's energy consumption

The functions applied to Eikon technology provide exact knowledge of the house's energy profile, managing and displaying both the production of energy and the total consumption of the whole house or of each single device. Greater energy awareness that allows you to avoid unnecessary waste.


Eikon Vimar Attenta Vts 01425

EIKON, international

by vocation

Technology that knows no boundaries and adapts to the standards and modularity of each country. Of course, with the unmistakable touch of the all-Italian class of Eikon cover plates.


Eikon Vimar Internazionale Multifinestra

EIKON, coordinated

in every application

Technology that allows you to coordinate the appearance of every application perfectly: monitoring, controls and connection to any network. A coordinated, complete control centre, where design stands side by side with functional excellence.


Eikon Vimar Coordinata Tactil

EIKON, elegance

of colour

Three different colours for buttons and controls, from white to rigorous anthracite grey, passing through elegant Next silver. In the name of a technology that has never been separated from design.


Eikon Vimar Declinata Tasti Bianco Antracite Next
Eikon Exe Vimar Abitazione Privata Reggio Emilia

The EIKON series

Find out who has chosen Vimar products


EIKON, complete control

Eikon Tactil home automation control - Axial controls - Infrared controls - Radio frequency controls

A wide range of control devices for all your installation needs. Soft-action axial controls, with wireless and battery-free radio-controlled technology, in electronic infrared or touch versions with home automation intelligence. The whole home obeys your commands, all functions can be coordinated in a scenario and be controlled remotely from a latest generation PC, smartphone or tablet.


EIKON Vimar completa nel controllo

EIKON, efficient comfort

3-module touch screen - Universal light dimmers - Touch screen timer-thermostat - RGB lamp

Touch devices to manage widespread well-being, like music playing in all the rooms, universal dimmers to set the lighting and play with coloured lights, timer-thermostats ensuring just the right temperature at any time of the day, room by room, and modular lighting to see clearly in any situation. Efficient technology to guarantee maximum comfort at all times.


EIKON Vimar efficiente nel comfort

EIKON, rational energy

Touch screen timer-thermostat - Load control - Programmable timer-switch - 3-module touch screen

Don't waste energy. Ever! Thermostats that adjust the temperature to actual everyday needs; devices that control electrical loads, monitor consumption and show produced energy; programmable timer-switches that switch the devices on at the right time. Rational management of all your home energy, because Eikon also means energy awareness.


EIKON Vimar razionale nell'energia

EIKON, reliable safety

Digital keypad - Video camera with microphone and light - Methane gas detector - Interlocked socket outlet

Excellent technology, silently protecting people and their homes, at all times. And if there's an alarm, you'll receive a text or an e-mail, wherever you are. Different kinds of intrusion alarms; surveillance cameras for every room, gas detectors to report and block any leaks and interlocked socket outlets protecting against accidental contacts.


EIKON Vimar affidabile nella sicurezza

EIKON, surprising multimedia

3-module touch screen - Docking station - USB, HDMI, RCA sockets - Eikon Tactil sound system control

Connection to the outside world, or pure enjoyment: technology also means this. Eikon offers extraordinary multimedia performance with is high quality sound system, the wide range of data, audio, video and USB sockets and its compatibility with iPods, iPhones and MP3 players.


Vimar Eikon Sorprendente Multimediale Gjb926Holi

EIKON, worldwide standards

Installation versatility - Socket outlets with different European standards - Different modules

Wherever you are in the world, Eikon supplies socket outlets with different standards, modular controls and cover plates to help you design, organise and manage energy in compliance with the systems used in over 100 countries around the world.


EIKON Vimar mondiale negli standard

Wireless switches and controls

EnOcean, Bluetooth and ZigBee radio frequency wireless controls make it possible to extend the system to all those areas subjected to architectural restrictions or where masonry work is not an option.

Practicality, freedom of wireless installation and versatility. Suitable for all surfaces (such as wood, glass, masonry, etc.), wireless devices offer the practicality of controls without batteries, thereby respecting the environment while also achieving energy savings.

The series by Vimar feature Philips light bulb controls from the Friends of Hue programme to offer smart lighting control.

Eikon | Interruttori e comandi senza fili

Flush mounting installation

Further to enhance the striking yet simple style of Eikon Exé, Vimar offers a new connector block box dedicated to plasterboard walls, designed to allow flush mounting of the cover plate, thereby generating even more clean-cut silhouettes, capable of adding value to any setting. 

Quick and easy to install, this new mounting box is capable of providing an impeccable flush fit result, thanks to the perfect compatibility with the shapes of Eikon Exé in both the version with traditional controls and in the variants with Flat and Vintage controls.

Placca filomuro Eikon Exé Flat
Catalogo Wiring Devices Vimar Bc20016 En
Eikon EVO - Cover plates - Aluminium cover plates

21653.01 - Plate 3M brilliant aluminium

21653.02 - Plate 3M aluminium Next grey

21653.03 - Plate 3M aluminium lava grey

21653.04 - Plate 3M aluminium neutral bronze

21653.05 - Plate 3M aluminium dark bronze

21653.06 - Plate 3M aluminium black sapphire

21653.07.01 - Plate 3M aluminium silver

21653.08 - Plate 3M aluminium titanium

21653.09 - Plate 3M aluminium polished gold

21653.10 - Plate 3M aluminium satin gold

21653.17 - Plate 3M aluminium total white

21653.18 - Plate 3M aluminium total black

21653.G09 - Plate 3M aluminium polished gold

21653.G10 - Plate 3M aluminium satin gold

Eikon EVO - Cover plates - Stone cover plates

21653.51 - Plate 3M stone Carrara white

21653.52 - Plate 3M stone natural split slate

21653.53 - Plate 3M stone grey quartzite

Eikon EVO - Cover plates - Wooden cover plates

21653.31 - Plate 3M wood Italian walnut

21653.32 - Plate 3M wood white oak

21653.33 - Plate 3M wood wengé

Eikon EVO - Cover plates - Crystal cover plates

21653.70 - Plate 3M crystal white diamond

21653.71 - Plate 3M crystal aqua

21653.72 - Plate 3M crystal silver ice

21653.73 - Plate 3M crystal pearl grey

21653.74 - Plate 3M crystal opal brown

21653.75 - Plate 3M crystal bronze mirror

21653.76 - Plate 3M crystal black diamond

21653.87 - Plate 3M crystal total white diamond

21653.88 - Plate 3M crystal total black diamond

Eikon EVO - Cover plates - Leather cover plates

21653.21 - Plate 3M leather cream

21653.22 - Plate 3M leather tobacco

Eikon EVO - Cover plates - Corian cover plates

21653.41 - Plate 3M Corian glacier ice

Eikon EXÉ - Cover plates - Vintage and Flat metal cover plate

22673.3.01 - Plate 3Mx3 Vintage matt white

22673.3.03 - Plate 3Mx3 Vintage anthracite grey

22673.3.11 - Plate 3Mx3 Vintage brushed nickel

22673.3.12 - Plate 3Mx3 Vintage brushed dark bronze

22683.3.01 - Plate 3Mx3 Flat matt white

22683.3.03 - Plate 3Mx3 Flat anthracite grey

22683.3.11 - Plate 3Mx3 Flat brushed nickel

22683.3.12 - Plate 3Mx3 Flat brushed dark bronze

22683.3.82 - Plate 3Mx3 Flat gold

Eikon EXÉ - Cover plates - Wooden cover plates

22653.31 - Plate 3M wood oak

22653.32 - Plate 3M wood American walnut

22653.33 - Plate 3M wood Eucalyptus

Eikon EXÉ - Cover plates - Leather cover plates

22653.21 - Plate 3M leather Savannah

22653.22 - Plate 3M leather Steppe

22653.23 - Plate 3M leather Black Forest

Eikon EXÉ - Cover plates - Glass cover plate

22653.71 - Plate 3M glass milky white

22653.72 - Plate 3M glass Canvas white

22653.73 - Plate 3M glass satin black

Eikon EXÉ - Cover plates - Mirror glass cover plate

22653.75 - Plate 3M mirror glass ice silver

22653.76 - Plate 3M mirror glass shiny bronze

22653.77 - Plate 3M mirror glass opal brown

Eikon EXÉ - Cover plates - Stoneware cover plate

22653.51 - Plate 3M marbl.stoneware white Calacatta

22653.52 - Plate 3M marbl.stoneware Coffee brown

22653.53 - Plate 3M marbl.stoneware black Marquina

Eikon EXÉ - Cover plates - Snap fixing metal cover plates

22653.01 - Plate 3M metal matt white

22653.02 - Plate 3M metal Next

22653.03 - Plate 3M metal anthracite grey

22653.11 - Plate 3M metal brushed nickel

22653.12 - Plate 3M metal brushed dark bronze

22653.13 - Plate 3M metal brushed black

22653.81 - Plate 3M metal nickel

22653.82 - Plate 3M metal gold

22653.83 - Plate 3M metal black chrome

22653.85 - Plate 3M metal antique gold

22653.86 - Plate 3M metal brushed copper

22653.87 - Plate 3M metal antique brushed bronze

22673.3.82 - Plate 3Mx3 Vintage gold

Eikon TACTIL - Cover plates - Stone cover plates

21663.53 - Plate 3M stone grey quartzite

Eikon TACTIL - Cover plates - Wooden cover plates

21663.31 - Plate 3M wood Italian walnut

21663.32 - Plate 3M wood white oak

21663.33 - Plate 3M wood wengé

Eikon TACTIL - Cover plates - Crystal cover plates

21663.70 - Plate 3M crystal diamant

21663.71 - Plate 3M crystal aqua

21663.73 - Plate 3M crystal pearl grey

21663.76 - Plate 3M crystal black diamond

Eikon TACTIL - Cover plates - Leather cover plates

21663.21 - Plate 3M leather cream

21663.22 - Plate 3M leather tobacco

Eikon TACTIL - Cover plates - Corian cover plates

21663.41 - Plate 3M Corian glacier ice

Eikon - Cover plates - Metal Classic cover plates

20653.15 - Classic plate 3M Bright matt anthracite

20653.C01 - Classic plate 3M Bright arctic white

20653.C02 - Classic plate 3M Bright antique white

20653.C07 - Classic plate 3M Bright champagne

20653.C08 - Classic plate 3M Bright titanium

20653.C10 - Classic plate 3M Bright metallic silver

20653.C11 - Classic plate 3M Bright metallic Siena

20653.C12 - Classic plate 3M Bright anthracite

20653.C13 - Classic plate 3M Bright matt silver

20653.C14 - Classic plate 3M Bright matt titanium

20653.C15 - Classic plate 3M Bright matt anthracite

20653.C22 - Classic plate 3M Galvan.satin nickel

20653.G24 - Classic plate 3M Galvan.polished gold

Eikon - Cover plates - Stainless steel Classic cover plates

20653.C91 - Classic plate 3M Inox brushed steel

Eikon - Cover plates - Wooden Classic cover plates

20653.C31 - Classic plate 3M Wood African wengé

20653.C32 - Classic plate 3M Wood white oak

20653.C35 - Classic plate 3M Wood Italian walnut

Eikon Next - Cover plates - Metal Classic cover plates

20653.N13 - Classic plate 3M Bright matt silver

Eikon white - Cover plates - Metal Classic cover plates

20653.B01 - Classic plate 3M Bright arctic white

Eikon - Cover plates - Metal Round cover plates

20683.15 - Round plate 3M Bright matt anthracite

20683.C01 - Round plate 3M Bright arctic white

20683.C02 - Round plate 3M Bright antique white

20683.C09 - Round plate 3M Bright Atlantic grey

20683.C12 - Round plate 3M Bright anthracite

20683.C13 - Round plate 3M Bright matt silver

20683.C14 - Round plate 3M Bright matt titanium

20683.C15 - Round plate 3M Bright matt anthracite

20683.C22 - Round plate 3M Galvan.satin nickel

20683.C23 - Round plate 3M Galvan.satin chrome

20683.G21 - Round plate 3M Galvan.satin gold

Eikon - Cover plates - Stainless steel Round cover plates

20683.C91 - Round plate 3M Inox brushed steel

Eikon - Cover plates - Wooden Round cover plates

20683.C32 - Round plate 3M Wood white oak

20683.C36 - Round plate 3M Wood American cherry

Eikon Next - Cover plates - Metal Round cover plates

20683.N13 - Round plate 3M Bright matt silver

Eikon white - Cover plates - Metal Round cover plates

20683.B01 - Round plate 3M Bright arctic white