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Power distribution unit for cars

Manufacturer GEWISS

R-EVOLUTION - Power distribution unit for cars.
Electrical vehicle charging
E-Mobility, also known as electric mobility, has become one of
the buzzwords of our time. The R-EVolution range represents a
breakthrough in terms of solutions for energy use: in line with the IEC
61851 international standard, these products enable the connection
and charging of all electric cars currently on the market. The integration
of the automatic reclosing device, ReStart Autotest, renders these
products unique, and ensures both charge continuity and maximum
user safety.
R-EVolution is the GEWISS range of surface-mounting or floor-mounting pre-wired products
that can provide a safe and reliable solution to whatever the recharging requirements of any
electric vehicle. They comply with the guidelines stipulated in the IEC 61851 standard for
installation in residential environments as well as in public spaces. The versions fitted with
ReStart with Autotest – an automatic re-closing device – guarantee that charging of the
vehicle will never be interrupted and that the user will always be kept safe.
Units for electrical vehicle recharging.