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Axolute Nighter&Whice represent the new aestethic choiches that favour the distinctiveness of the monochromatic style.

Axolute Nighter is born under the sign of the Axolute Black, the leading expression of style and a direct refer to the technology as a sign of distinction.

Axolute Whice is the iconic symbol of the new style that find is maximum expression through discretion and the leading role of the white glass. The purity of the glass surfaces, the communicative strength of the LEDs and the touch screen technology are the distinctive elements of both Whice and Nighter.




This innovative system keeps the switches in constant alignment, even after activation. This ensures a smooth surface and superb formal elegance.



The choice of aluminium, anthracite and bright metal finish is designed to complement the materials of the surrounds, creating a refined, technological image.



The minute gem, illuminated with a LED, is a special design feature to enhance accessibility of the switch by both touch and sight.


This totally silent digital switch creates a new style of interaction: no more pressure, just a simple, light brush to turn on and regulate the light.


A caress is all it takes to create light, various degrees of shadow, or dark.


The illuminated LEDs emphasise the elegance of the Axolute design. The switch is easily recognisable by touch, and be seen even in total darkness.


An advanced digital display allows you to activate and monitor environmental functions in a simple, intuitive way.


The surround frames a screen displaying colour icons with elegant, efficient graphics.With its ideograms the Axolute touchscreen reveals its technological potential.


The personalisable layouts with preed icons mean problem-free navigation through preset menus. You don’t need an instruction manual to activate the burglar alarm, set heating levels or create a sound profile. Just like a modern mobile phone or PC, the touchscreen lets you personalise graphics and icons or massages and information to display.

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  •   The functions


    Light and shutters automation

    The MY HOME Automation system allows you to manage functions in a simultaneous and integrated way to date, these functions have been performed with special and complex electrical devices such as:
    -Lighting control
    -Control for shutters and/or electric curtains, fans, exhausters, etc.
    - Scenarios.

    Radio system

    The MY HOME Radio system, available with AXOLUTE and LIVINGLIGHT looks, gives the possibility of very easily creating advanced electric systems to manage:
    -The automation of lights and shutters;
    -The protection of the home from gas leaks and flooding.

    Sound system

    The stereo Sound System provides sound selection and control, so that high quality sound may be sent to several rooms at the same time. The system can be integrated with the Video door entry system.

    Temperature control

    With the Temperature control system the user can decide the temperature of each individual room based on its use and the time of day. The activation of the system also takes into account the heat produced by the sun.

    Air conditioning

    Integrating the MY HOME system with the management of the splitter air conditioning system is now possible using the splitter management interface, item 3456.
    The interface transfers all the splitter functions, which up to now were performed using the remote control supplied with the device, to the Touch screen or the Multimedia Touch screen of the MY HOME system.

    Load control management

    The MY HOME load control management system manages the maximum power used, by automatically disconnecting the least important appliances in case of overload.Load control management

    Consumption display

    By means of these function the user can display on the touch screen the consumptions inside their home (power, water and gas) and also the energy and hot water ouput obtained using photovoltaic or solar panels. The user can select the type of consumption that needs to be checked, the type of display and the period.Consumption display