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INIM is continuously active in the search for forward thinking solutions to the everyday challenges faced by installer companies. In pursuance of this quest, INIM's R & D professionals are always looking to push the known boundaries of technology toward a totally new class of products with unmatched capabilities. Every INIM device is designed to take full advantage of state-of-the-art microcontroller technology, network architecture and communication infrastructures. The following pages allow you to take a glimpse at the technologies developed at INIM's laboratories and catch sight of the future of fire detection, today.


OpenLoop technology is the outcome of the concerted efforts of the R & D professionals at INIM Electronics. This breakthrough technology allows INIM panels to accomodate different brands of peripheral devices by design. This is the most high-tech approach to device management available on the fire security market to date. The loop is in fact 'open' and ready-to-run different brands of peripheral devices. It also supports all types of fire system devices (detectors, input modules, output modules, callpoints, sirens, etc.). The loops can be 2 or 4 wire configured (maximum wire length 2000m). INIM's OpenLoop technology also provides impressive self-diagnostic functions for loop anomaly detection. The outstanding management capacity of each loop allows the panel to manage an impressive 240 devices. The consistent performance and reliability of this advanced technology in 'critical' high-noise conditions highlights its potential even more. Designed with the intent to go beyond the requirements of the related Directive standards, the loop and the entire spectrum of INIM's vast array of products ensure uncompromising levels of quality and performance.



Single-channel fire extinguishing sustem control panel
with 4 conventional zones


 Manual call-point for door installation



FI100 Argus-Remote Indicator.


 Intelligent Heat detector 


Detector Base



ID100 Optical Smoke Detector


Heat detector


Expansion 8 zone for SmartLine020


Indoor siren with flasher


Conventional fire detectors range